Chase Foster – “Time Will Tell”

Though many have preconceived notions that “love songs” are the kind appropriate for Valentines Day Mix CD’s, romantic evenings, and pan flute solos, I feel that this breed of song is as varied and far-reaching as music itself. Some would argue love is the most important element of the human experience, and I’m inclined to agree. This is not to say that love is always easy, fun, or forever – or that love songs should always paint it that way.

Chase Foster frames a beautifully heartbreaking picture of love’s fragility in his song “Time Will Tell,” from his new album, “Half Written Letters.” You shouldn’t be including this love song on any Valentine’s Day mixes if you want your relationship to last. You should, however, listen and enjoy.

Click the link to hear “Time Will Tell.”

Time Will Tell

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  • Janadayleon

    This guy can write some love songs!! Check out “Almost” on You Tube!! Talk about tugging at your heart!! Geeeeesh!!!